American Investments Property Management’s Tenant Application Process

  1. Preview Our Ventura County Home Rental listings online or obtain a rental list from our office. Select the properties which meet your home rental needs and drive by the properties  so you can determine if you like both the properties and their locations.  After you have viewed the outside of the properties, submit an application to our office to set up a showing appointment. We must have a complete application prior to any showings.
  2. Make sure you qualify for the property which interests you. We generally require an applicant’s Net (take home pay) income be three times the monthly rent of the rental unit they are considering. They must have a great rental history with no evictions. All adults over the age of 18 must submit an Application for Residency.
  3. Apply Online or Download and complete the American Investments Property Management Application for Residency. You can download this form by clicking here. This form requires Adobe Acrobat Reader (free).
  4. General Rental Requirements:
    1. Great/Good Credit- we will run a credit check once your application package is complete.
    2. Great Rental References / History- Please provide accurate and complete references in your application to expedite your application. We will verify residency with your current landlord and prior landlord references.
    3. Income Requirement- Generally, we require an applicant’s combined gross income to be 3 x’s the monthly rent of the home rental unit they are considering.
    4. SUPPORTING DOCS REQUIRED: please return with your Application the following:
      1. Last Full 3 month’s pay stubs / or tax returns
      2. Copy of Valid Govt. Issued ID, Drivers License.
      3. Last 6 month’s Proof of rent payments. Such as Bank Statements showing rent paid.
      4. $40.00 Non-Refundable screening fee. For every Applicant over 18.
  • Bring your completed application package to our office in Santa Paula. Or you can apply online. We strive to process all complete applications packages within 48 hours and notify our prospects promptly.
  • Upon approval, you may place a holding deposit on the rental unit to hold it until you move in. The minimum holding deposit is equal to 1 month’s rent in order to hold the unit and must be received by our office within 48 hours of notification of approval. We require you execute a holding agreement which outlines our commitment to remove the unit from the market and your commitment to rent the unit. We will hold a vacant unit for up to two weeks.
  • All of the monies you submit during the move-in process must be in the form of a cashier’s check or money order. This includes  holding deposits, security deposits and the first month’s rent. All rent payments after move-in may be made with personal checks  or Money orders. Rent is always due on the 1st of the month.

Click here for American Investments online application that includes a $40.00 Non Refundable Credit Report Fee, Paid direct to credit bureau, price may change at any time.

Click here for PDF of Application to print, fill out, mail in or drop off

American Investments does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, marital status, age sex, source of income, sexual orientation or any other form of discrimination prohibited by law.

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